"We buy Grass rams each year with confidence as every generation is an improvement on the last. This is because of the high standard of measurement data and subjective assessment, as well as a 50% culling rate of each ram crop. The Grass stud purchases the very best genetics in the country according to terminal sire evaluations. Our sheep are productive, very fertile, easy to maintain and balanced to be as profitable as any other in the pastoral industry."

Michael Moody, Cunnamulla.

Moody Grazing Co. Testimonial for GRASS Merino Rams

"There is nothing like really measuring your sheep progeny to know how your ram source really performs. We first trialled GRASS rams, against our normal ram source over 20 years ago. Those results convinced us to  switch to GRASS as our major ram supplier.  Since switching to GRASS, we have continued conducting on property trials, from  different ram sources to measure the resulting progeny and to make sure GRASS was delivering the results against our breeding objective. That GRASS has continued to be our major ram source, measured against other ram sources,  speaks volumes about the continued improvement in GRASS genetics."

- Don Hamblin, a regular ram buyer, chairman of the NSW Farmers wool Committee and vice president of the National Farmers Federation.

"GRASS Merinos gives us everything we want in a Stud. A fast growing, heavy cutting, highly fertile, 19 micron ram with a long history of Objective measurement and fully analysed ASBVs.
A ram that was not raised in a shed but on grass to ensure that it will perform in our environment."

- JB Tancred, The Maze Group


Upcoming Ram Sale
GRASS Merinos holds a Merino Ram Sale in October each year near Gilgandra NSW (65km North of Dubbo).
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Latest News & Results
GRASS Merinos latest news and results are now up, we often include newsletters and forcasts too so keep an eye out!
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Request A Ram
To order a GRASS Merino Ram online all you have to do is fill out a form and we will send you an information pack with more details.
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