The G.R.A.S.S. Story

In the beginning...

In 1975, ten sheep producers from the Gulargambone - Warren region were fed up with buying grain fed rams that fell over as soon as they got them home. They began G.R.A.S.S - the Gulargambone Rural Association for Sheep Selection - to breed rams raised under commercial conditions and selected intensely for measurable economic performance.

Built on performance...

The farmers contributed their own flocks to start the stud and for 20 years all maiden ewes born in the co-operative - some 15,000-  were fleece weighed and classed by the stud classer with only 250 "olympic champions" entering the stud each year. 

Legacy of genetic gain...

In the early days of the stud there was a 70% selection emphasis on clean fleece weight and every maiden had to raise a lamb in order to stay in the stud. Although we have a more balanced selection emphasis now, the legacy of those years still produces some of the heaviest cutting and most fertile sheep in the country.


The GRASS Merino flock is situated in Central West NSW at "Sunnyside", 35km north of Gilgandra, and is still run by a diverse cooperative of progressive farmers. Building on a reputation for accurate measurement, the stud has been using EID technology for over a decade now and following the development of the Sheep Genetics central database, has been using ASBV's to select rams for nearly as long.

The stud is currently managed by Callum Moody, originally from Cunnamulla in South West QLD.

Callum is continuing the GRASS legacy of breeding heavy cutting, fast growing rams to suit all climates.

The benefits of buying G.R.A.S.S. rams

Our index each 10 years will improve your flock by:

Ewe clean fleece weight  +0.57kg

Ewe fibre diameter  0.4µm

Hogget body weight  +3.0kg

Staple strength  +1.2N/kt

Reproduction rate  +1.6% 

How do I get started?

  • Buy G.R.A.S.S. genetics
  • Order grade rams for mid October collection at fixed prices
  • Rams & semen available NOW


Upcoming Ram Sale
GRASS Merinos holds a Merino Ram Sale in October each year near Gilgandra NSW (65km North of Dubbo).
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GRASS Merinos latest news and results are now up, we often include newsletters and forcasts too so keep an eye out!
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